payment-assist at bryngwyn service station

Payment Assist. The smarter choice in finance

Payment Assist has been set up to provide an option to be able to spread the cost of your bill and ease your cashflow.

The idea came about when Payment Assist founders combined their backgrounds in finance and the automotive industry and thought that it was time for someone to look at the market a bit differently.

Payment assist has been set up with the consumer in mind and aims to support the consumer when they have an unexpected bill.With payment assist you pay 25% of the bill up front and 3 monthly payments after that. use the web site or pop in to bryngwyn service station to get set up

bmw, Mercedes,vw audi group service reset

Bryngwyn Service Station diagnostic and service reset.
We have access to online main dealer diagnostics to reset your service lights on BMW, Mercedes ,VW Audi group, GM ,Ford and more. We can reset the service light on the BMW i drive system and log it on to the BMW digital service record with BMW. We also have access to the Mercedes digital service record.
We have the diagnostic ability to reset almost every make and model.
Phone 01443 831280 to book your service or diagnostic service at Bryngwyn Service Station

bmw electronic service history update and the display on your I drive

All new bmw and Minis now have electronic service history records.  This means no more service book.bryngwyn service station can update the I drive and the electronic service history

The electronic service history is updated by the our selves during the service and can be displayed on the vehicles I-Drive display, keeping a record that is quick and easy to access.

tec4 carbon clean with a free diagnostic scan

Come and try our new carbon cleaning machine from tec4.With our new machines, we are able to clean the whole engine of all harmful varnish and carbon deposits without removing any parts! We simply hook the machine up to your vehicle for the treatment and let the machine do the work!

The Engine Carbon Cleaning Service is Suitable for any petrol or diesel engine, the Engine Carbon Cleaning service can benefit vehicles in a variety of ways, from increased power and engine responsiveness through to lower emissions and potential fuel savings.get a free diagnostic scan with every clean

special offer intake and injector clean £85+vat phone 01443 831380 to book

we can regas r1234yf air conditioning

Here at bryngwyn service station we are one of the very few garages in wales that have invested in the new 1234YF Air Conditioning Machines. This means we are able to re-gas and service the new 1234YF gas air conditioning systems that are now found in all new cars from 2015 on.

air conditioning service R134a and the new R1234yf

Come and get your a/c running nice and cool ready for the summer .Our trained specialists can check your air conditioning and top up the refrigerant for you for only £49.00 plus vat for R134yf tel for a price on r1234yf